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  • Colon Hydrotherapy New Glasgow
    Colon Hydrotherapy New Glasgow - Colonic hydrotherapy is actually the use of enemas meant for therapeutic healing. The general idea behind this particular practice is so as to eliminate excess fecal waste from the colon as well as plenty of ... More
  • Hydrotherapy New Glasgow
    Hydrotherapy New Glasgow - Utilizing either hot or cold water, hydrotherapy treatments can aid reduce some kinds of bodily illnesses including pains and aches. This sort of therapy could also include the combining of water with herbs and oils as ... More
  • EMS New Glasgow
    EMS New Glasgow - The process of combining a hot compress and a cold compress along with EMS or electrical muscle stimulation is a therapy termed Constitutional Hydrotherapy. This therapy stimulates the immune system allowing the patient to shift ... More
  • Physiotherapy New Glasgow
    Physiotherapy New Glasgow - Hydrotherapy is a form of physical therapy exercises which are performed in water. Hydrotherapy exercises regime is utilized so as to lessen the stress on the body which traditional exercise puts on the body. A lot of ... More
  • Stress Management New Glasgow
    Stress Management New Glasgow - Unfortunately, lots of us do not deal with stress in a constructive manner. Currently, stress is pervasive in our society. It relates to the automatic overreaction of a part of the nervous system to a perceived ... More
  • Therapist in New Glasgow
    Therapist in New Glasgow - Involving numerous conscious breathing exercises, breathing therapies aim to improve the functioning of the mind and body. These therapies are utilized by many various therapists all around the world and others healers ... More
  • New Glasgow Colonics
    New Glasgow Colonics - Acquiring regular physical exercise is very vital for maintaining good health. It can protect you from high blood pressure, back pain, osteoporosis, non-insulin dependent diabetes, stroke, heart disease plus a variety of ... More
  • RMT New Glasgow
    RMT New Glasgow - Aura Cleansing - Cleansing the auric field could be done by way of the healers hands or by utilizing crystals. The point is in order to take away blockages or energy or dark energies in the auric field. The healer next infuses ... More
  • Spiritual Healers New Glasgow
    Spiritual Healers New Glasgow - Soul healing is a voyage on a holistic path towards spiritual development. The people who take part in soul healing are oftentimes attempting to overcome illness and achieve wellness. In those individuals who are ... More
  • Acupressure New Glasgow
    Acupressure New Glasgow - Acupressure is a type of Conventional Chinese Medicine or likewise called TCM. It relies on utilizing pressure on specific points of the body to be able to ease the signs of various health issues. Acupressure is likewise ... More
  • Allergist New Glasgow
    Allergist New Glasgow - Food allergies are usually mean an adverse immune reaction to a particular food protein. Reactions are different from various adverse responses to food such as pharmacological reactions, food intolerance and toxin-mediated ... More
  • Nutritionists New Glasgow
    Nutritionists New Glasgow - Lots of people have several inadequacies in their food intake and would need nutritional supplements in order to meet their nutritional needs. To be able to make the correct decisions about the various nutritional ... More
  • Sclerotherapy New Glasgow
    Sclerotherapy New Glasgow - The therapy of Sclerotherapy is used in the treatment of blood vessel malformations, vascular malformations and similar problems of the lymphatic system. This therapy could work by injecting medicine into the vessels ... More
  • Therapist New Glasgow
    Therapist New Glasgow - Somatics therapies are meant to assist people with muscular disorders of an unconscious and involuntary nature. Somatics aims to help gain control the muscles through using the voluntary motor system. Somatics is the ... More
  • New Glasgow Acupuncture
    New Glasgow Acupuncture - The essential difference between the holistic arts of Acupuncture and Acupressure are that Acupressure handles healing methods without breaking the skin, while acupuncture makes use of needles to puncture the skin to ... More
  • Naturopathic Medicine New Glasgow
    Naturopathic Medicine New Glasgow - To stimulate the pure healing ability of the body system as a way to heal the main cause of a disease is the philosophy behind naturopathic medicine. Many individuals with persistent health worries have ... More
  • Crystal Healing New Glasgow
    Crystal Healing New Glasgow - Crystal healing is the method of utilizing gemstones and crystals to protect, energize and heal the body and the mind. The gemstones could work together to be able to restore clarity, balance and natural vibrational ... More
  • New Glasgow Massage Therapy
    New Glasgow Massage Therapy - Visceral manipulation is a physical therapy that works through the internal visceral organs within the body like for example the stomach, liver, heart, and intestines, and that. As soon as the first evaluation of an ... More
  • New Glasgow Massage
    New Glasgow Massage - Therapeutic touch is an alternate curative approach which combines energy work with therapeutic massage to alleviate soreness and some other issues that upset the mind and the body. Therapeutic touch therapy often consists ... More
  • Massage New Glasgow
    Massage New Glasgow - Utilizing aromatherapy is defined in some circles as making use of massage or the use of essential oils so as to help achieve physical and psychological well-being. This albeit broad description, does not take into account ... More
  • Pain Clinic New Glasgow
    Pain Clinic New Glasgow - Chronic soreness in the joints and at numerous places along the back could be treated by prolotherapy, which is also known as regeneration injection treatment. How this back soreness approach works is through injecting a ... More
  • Reiki New Glasgow
    Reiki New Glasgow - The healing method known as Reiki was firstly developed in the country of japan. The techniques are used so as to help reduce stress, promote healing and relaxation. Reiki like the majority of various energy healing arts, is ... More
  • Naturopathy New Glasgow
    Naturopathy New Glasgow - Therapy that involves submerging either part of your body or the whole body into a tub filled with hot water or cold water is known as Immersion Bath Therapy. One hundred percent organic European Moor Mud also called ... More
  • Nutritionist New Glasgow
    Nutritionist New Glasgow - The study of the association between nutrition and well being is named dietetics. It is a branch of medicine and has several purposes integrating analysis, community outreach and clinical treatment. Dietitians are ... More
  • Naturopathic Doctors in New Glasgow
    Naturopathic Doctors in New Glasgow - Richard Bartlett, a Chiropractor and Naturopath developed a transformative healing system called Matrix Energetics during 1997 right after he had gone through a life-changing event. Mr. Bartlett discovered ... More
  • Massage in New Glasgow
    Massage in New Glasgow - The aim for individuals to get therapeutic benefit is why therapeutic massage is in practice. One can find multiple health spas and massage centers offering it. Many schools right now have integrated therapeutic methods ... More
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy New Glasgow
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy New Glasgow - Cognitive behavioral therapy or otherwise called CBT, is a form of therapy using various ways than conventional "talk" therapy. In the 1950's various therapists concluded that true psychoanalysis was ... More
  • Bikram Yoga New Glasgow
    Bikram Yoga New Glasgow - Breathing exercises fall mainly into two categories. There are exercises which are invigorating and energizing and there are some that are calming and relaxing. Relaxing exercises are designed to calm the body and the ... More
  • Naturopathic Doctor in New Glasgow
    Naturopathic Doctor in New Glasgow - A health consultant who apply pure and holistic applications in helping the human body to utilize its full power and hence heal itself is called a naturopath. A naturopath typically offers complementary ... More
  • Aromatherapy New Glasgow
    Aromatherapy New Glasgow - The practice of using Aromatherapy essential oils and herbs so as to help promote natural healing and health. The ancient cultures of Egypt and Babylon have used scented herbs for medicinal and spiritual properties. ... More
  • Colonic New Glasgow
    Colonic New Glasgow - Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colon irrigation, colonic irrigation or colonics, is a process which gently flushes water into the rectum in order to aid in eliminating the colon of toxins and mucus. Colon hydrotherapy ... More
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy New Glasgow
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy New Glasgow - Oxidative therapy is performed by introducing extra energy inside the body. This can be done in 3 ways: making use of Hyperbaric Oxygen and introducing oxygen in the body under pressure, by an infusion of ... More
  • New Glasgow Naturopath
    New Glasgow Naturopath - Health promotion - One of the key targets of holistic medicine is health promotion. Naturopathic physicians understand that the body system has the natural potential to heal itself and they attempt to help aid that ... More
  • Iridology New Glasgow
    Iridology New Glasgow - The alternative healing therapy making use of color dates back thousands of years. The ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India relied on the healing energy of color. Color is the result of light of various wavelengths, ... More
  • New Glasgow Meditation
    New Glasgow Meditation - Guided meditation is a meditative process in where the technique is guided a relaxing voice that helps the person move into a state of clarity and peacefulness. In certain instances, utilizing repetitive phrases ... More
  • Holistic Nutritionist New Glasgow
    Holistic Nutritionist New Glasgow - Intravenous or IV therapy is a very absorbable and effective treatment which helps in delivering nutrients to the tissues of the body. IV therapy works by injecting nutrients like for example amino acids, ... More
  • Chinese Herbs New Glasgow
    Chinese Herbs New Glasgow - Mankind has been utilizing herbs since the beginning of time. The experience and knowledge acquired over time by utilizing herbal remedies was recorded for future generations to reference. People consider this ... More
  • Health Clinic New Glasgow
    Health Clinic New Glasgow - Magnetic therapy is an alternative healing practice which claims to tap into the energy fields that surround the body in order to facilitate healing. The general concept behind magnetic therapy is that by strategically ... More
  • Registered Dietician New Glasgow
    Registered Dietician New Glasgow - One of the elemental basics of Naturopathic Medicine is nutrition. Nutrition or the diet offers the body system with fuel and primary energy metabolism in the form of calories. Calories can be obtained naturally ... More
  • New Glasgow Therapy
    New Glasgow Therapy - A conventional therapy for persistent soreness is named prolotherapy or nonsurgical ligament reconstruction. It's effective in treating troubles like back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, persistent tendonitis, sports injuries, ... More
  • Homeopath New Glasgow
    Homeopath New Glasgow - Shamanism utilizes a mixture of homeopathic medicine, folklore, magic and spirituality so as to help heal someone's energy, so that the body's physical sicknesses are capable of being cured. Shaminism is deeply rooted in ... More
  • Acupuncturist in New Glasgow
    Acupuncturist in New Glasgow - Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is the giving of substances directly into a vein. Intravenous therapy may be utilized to deliver medications, for blood transfusions and to correct electrolyte imbalances. It can ... More
  • Massage Therapy New Glasgow
    Massage Therapy New Glasgow - Massage therapy comes in a variety of styles. It includes the manipulation and rubbing of the soft tissues in the body with specific focus on muscles and on pressure points. Massage therapy can be utilized on its own ... More
  • Meditation New Glasgow
    Meditation New Glasgow - The ancient discipline of meditation concentrates on techniques to quiet the thinking mind to bring about deep relaxation and awareness. Meditation techniques have been practice for thousands of years in lots of the ... More
  • Yoga New Glasgow
    Yoga New Glasgow - It is usually thought that the yoga practice originated in India, though it is not entirely established where or when it started. A 2000 year old work called The Yoga Sutra by Patanjali is the original written mention of the ... More
  • Ozone Therapy New Glasgow
    Ozone Therapy New Glasgow - Lots of people feel ozone has super healing properties, whereas other people have argued that those claims are non-scientific and that ozone has no proven benefits. For years, there has been much debate and controversy ... More
  • Oxygen Therapy New Glasgow
    Oxygen Therapy New Glasgow - Hydrogen peroxide is a compound with an oxygen-oxygen single bond and an oxidizer. H202 is its chemical term. Slightly more thick as opposed to water, hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid. It is often utilized as a ... More
  • Therapy New Glasgow
    Therapy New Glasgow - Dynamic Spinal Therapy was first developed by Rolf Ott, in Switzerland during the 1980's. This particular technique of bodywork combines the use of energies and hands-on bodywork to help realign the spine, resolve spine and ... More
  • Registered Massage Therapist New Glasgow
    Registered Massage Therapist New Glasgow - An energy healer is someone who is gifted with working with balancing the energy field that surrounds the animal or human body. The energy field is referred to as different things; traditionally referred ... More
  • Qi New Glasgow
    Qi New Glasgow - Feng Shui consultants could assist people with the orientation, layout and decoration of their commercial spaces and residential homes. Consultants may also assist with interior or exterior spaces or structural applications. Like ... More
  • Naturopath New Glasgow
    Naturopath New Glasgow - Typical appointments - Since the doctor will take an in depth narration of your present and past health concerns, your first consultation with a Naturopath could take up one and half hours long. As a way to make an ... More
  • Craniosacral Therapy New Glasgow
    Craniosacral Therapy New Glasgow - The very system which helps the brain and spinal cord is called the craniosacral system. Moving down the spine flows the cerebral spinal fluid right from the cranium's base towards the sacrum. The cranial fluid ... More
  • New Glasgow Naturopathic Doctor
    New Glasgow Naturopathic Doctor - Naturopathic medicine is founded on the belief that the human body has an outstanding capability to heal itself. Naturopathic doctors educate their patients to use work out, life-style adjustments, cutting edge ... More
  • New Glasgow Nutritionist
    New Glasgow Nutritionist - Nutritional diseases are conditions in human beings which are indirectly or directly caused by not having enough essential nutrients within the diet. These diseases are usually linked with chronic malnutrition. ... More
  • Hypnotherapy New Glasgow
    Hypnotherapy New Glasgow - Hypnotherapy can evoke several definitions. Amongst the briefest definitions is that it works to induce a hypnotic condition in a person so as to heal illnesses. This particular definition becomes much more complex when ... More
  • Feng Shui New Glasgow
    Feng Shui New Glasgow - The oriental idea of Feng Shui literally means "wind and water." This complicated idea is more simply understood than it is defined or pronounced. Feng Shui must be experienced so as to entirely comprehend its ... More
  • Acupuncture New Glasgow
    Acupuncture New Glasgow - Acupuncture is a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine or likewise called TCM which has been used in China for thousands of years. It involves sticking solid and fine needles into the body at particular points. ... More
  • Botox New Glasgow
    Botox New Glasgow - Skin wrinkles are by definition a fold, ridge or crease in the skin. The wrinkles of the skin normally appear as a result of aging, comprising: the extended immersion of the skin in water or glycation. The wrinkling of the ... More
  • Aromatherapy Massage New Glasgow
    Aromatherapy Massage New Glasgow - Aromatherapy is a natural and unique healing technique that has been existing for thousands of years. In recent times, it has gained remarkable popularity. Numerous individuals who are not inclined toward ... More
  • Energy Healing New Glasgow
    Energy Healing New Glasgow - Earth Energy healing is the belief that illnesses and injuries of the body can be cured by subtle manipulations of the human body's energy along with the energy of the Earth. In several cultures, Earth Energy healing ... More
  • Reflexology New Glasgow
    Reflexology New Glasgow - Reflexology is a type of therapy which consists of massaging specific pressure points on the hands, ears or feet to be able to treat and heal a person's whole body. This gentle type of therapy is utilized in order to ... More
  • Chelation Therapy New Glasgow
    Chelation Therapy New Glasgow - Chelation therapy is usually used to cure many kinds of substance or toxic metal poisoning. This particular medical procedure started during World War I, the time a lot of soldiers were really exposed to the ... More
  • Psychotherapy New Glasgow
    Psychotherapy New Glasgow - Neural Therapy was initially uncovered by Walter and Ferdinand Huneke, physicians from Germany. They gave it the term "Heilanasthesie", that literally means "curative anaesthesia." The name was later changed to ... More
  • Herbalist New Glasgow
    Herbalist New Glasgow - Tinctures are generally a derivative based in alcohol of either a fresh herb or other natural plant materials. These are primarily alternative medicinal supplements or at times as dietary supplements. Rather than alcohol, ... More
  • Trigger Point Therapy New Glasgow
    Trigger Point Therapy New Glasgow - Trigger Point Therapy is a form of massage therapy that tackles trigger points which are stabbing muscle pains that could take place at various points of the body. This particular therapy is also related to ... More
  • Therapy in New Glasgow
    Therapy in New Glasgow - A therapeutic method that makes use of colours to better well being and change mood and atmosphere is known as chromotherapy or colour therapy. Chromotherapy is based on the concept that every colour of the spectrum ... More
  • Naturopathic Doctor New Glasgow
    Naturopathic Doctor New Glasgow - The understanding of nature and contemporary science are both aspects that Naturopathic doctors combine in treating patients. Naturopathic medicine focuses on practical prevention, holistic ideals complete ... More
  • Rehab New Glasgow
    Rehab New Glasgow - EECP therapy is an outpatient treatment for heart failure and angina. For those who suffer from these conditions, basic activities such as getting the mail or walking the dog can be really tough. If you or maybe somebody you ... More
  • Detox New Glasgow
    Detox New Glasgow - Body detoxification is a technique utilized to restore nutrients and energy levels while getting rid of harmful elements such as stored alcohol, sugar, fat and caffeine. Individuals who partake in the detoxification process ... More
  • Homeopathy New Glasgow
    Homeopathy New Glasgow - The utilizing medicinal herbs is often known as herbology, although this definition could be confusing due to the fact that remedies are not always solely limited to herbs. Herbology may better be described as the use and ... More
  • Naturopathic Doctors New Glasgow
    Naturopathic Doctors New Glasgow - Sound healing, also known as music therapy, is a technique used by many holistic health practitioners with a purpose to promote health. Though this may sound like a New Age therapy, many ancient civilizations ... More
  • TCM New Glasgow
    TCM New Glasgow - A type of medicine that has been practiced in China for over three thousand years now is known as TCM, which is the abbreviation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Other places that it is common are other Asian countries in ... More
  • Chinese Medicine New Glasgow
    Chinese Medicine New Glasgow - Another alternative health care method that uses plants and plants extracts to treat numerous forms of conditions is called botanical medicine. It may also be referred to as phytotherapy or herbal medicine. To make ... More
  • Mesotherapy New Glasgow
    Mesotherapy New Glasgow - Mesotherapy was developed by a Frenchman, Dr. Michel Pistor in the 1950's. It is a non-surgical cosmetic medical treatment used for eliminating cellulite, treating sagging and aging skin, promoting weight loss and to ... More
  • Counseling New Glasgow
    Counseling New Glasgow - Naturopathic lifestyle counseling is a treatment used so as to determine what a person would want to achieve and where they are in their health journey. life-style counseling deals with motivation and education. It is ... More
  • Acupuncture Clinic New Glasgow
    Acupuncture Clinic New Glasgow - Magnetic therapy is really a kind of complementary or alternative medicine which includes using magnetic fields to be able to obtain health benefits. Also called magneto-therapy, magnotherapy or magnet therapy, ... More

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New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

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The small town of New Glasgow is situated in Nova Scotia's Pictou County. The town sits along the banks of the East River. The East River of Pictou runs in the Pictou Harbour, which is part of the Northumberland Strait sub-basin.

The town of New Glasgow is at the centre of the province's fourth largest urban area; the population of the New Glasgow census agglomeration in the 2006 census was 36,288, ranking 77th largest within the country. This consists of the smaller neighboring towns of Westville, Trenton and Stellarton along with the western rural area of the county.

The original settlement was established by Sir Robert Kenney. Scottish immigrants, including those on the Ship Hector in 1773, settled the area of the East River of Pictou in the late 18th and early 19th centuries...