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New Glasgow Acupuncture - The essential difference between the holistic arts of Acupuncture and Acupressure are that Acupressure handles healing methods without breaking the skin, while acupuncture makes use of needles to puncture the skin to deal with particular health problems. They are each based on the touching meridians which carry chi or energy all over the system. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM believes that illnesses and ailments are caused by blockages of chi in various part of the body along the fourteen meridians. Both Acupressure and Acupuncture encourage energy to circulate freely once again. These healing methods are used to treat different problems like for example nausea, anxiety and depression, arthritis, migraine headaches, allergies as well as menstrual cramps amongst others.

Basically the difference between Acupressure and Acupuncture is in the application of the techniques. Acupuncture methods should just be carried out by trained practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Specific combinations of pressure points are simultaneously accessed all together. Because the Acupuncturist must insert the really thin, long needles into the skin, the patient normally undresses before treatment.

Acupuncture, just as the term suggests, means puncturing the skin using long needles. These needles are extremely thin and do not inject anything; thus, they are not the same as the needles you are familiar with at a Western doctor's office. Acupuncture needles are hypoallergenic, various lengths of sterile and disposable metal. A qualified professional delicately inserts the needle beneath the skin and into muscle and tissue. This does not hurt when it is performed properly. The aim of the needles is to get to pressure points and break up the blockages.

Acupressure on the other hand can easily be learned from a handbook. The techniques in order to manipulate pressure points in order to lessen common discomforts could even be seen online. It is probable and usually quite comforting to carry out these mini massages on yourself anywhere. For example, massaging the muscle located between your thumb and index finger is said to alleviate dehydration headaches. Another common point is pressing on a certain area on the inner side of your forearm to alleviate motion sickness. An Acupressurist generally touches one or two pressure points at a time. They normally make use of their thumbs, fingers, elbows and palms. Because these methods are the same as a massage, they could be performed through loose clothing and disrobing is not usually needed.

Dating back as far back as 2500 BCE China, Acupressure is a a lot older art than Acupuncture. Recently, the two treatment alternatives have been evaluated by western standards of medicine. These therapies are becoming widely accepted and normally utilized in conjunction with different treatments. For instance, chemotherapy patients who are suffering from intense sickness can use Acupressure applied through a bracelet in order to acquire consistent results and cure nausea.

The art of Acupuncture requires greater precision since the Acupuncture needles are really thin, yet it may bring faster relief. Acupressure is less accurate in view of the fact that the tool is as wide as a finger. Acupuncture, while it can offer potentially quicker relief, can come with more announced side effects from releasing toxins or realigning muscle groups. Acupressure causes less side effects and is like deep tissue massage.

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The small town of New Glasgow is situated in Nova Scotia's Pictou County. The town sits along the banks of the East River. The East River of Pictou runs in the Pictou Harbour, which is part of the Northumberland Strait sub-basin.

The town of New Glasgow is at the centre of the province's fourth largest urban area; the population of the New Glasgow census agglomeration in the 2006 census was 36,288, ranking 77th largest within the country. This consists of the smaller neighboring towns of Westville, Trenton and Stellarton along with the western rural area of the county.

The original settlement was established by Sir Robert Kenney. Scottish immigrants, including those on the Ship Hector in 1773, settled the area of the East River of Pictou in the late 18th and early 19th centuries...